Meeting Robert Zoellick, then US Trade Representative and now President of the World Bank, in Washington Meeting John Howard, then Prime Minister of Australia, in Canberra With Hinewehi Mohi, filming 'Lines in the Sand' for Maori TV on St Heliers Bay beach

Landmark Statements

The Book

Don's book, 'Incredible Luck', is available for purchase as an eBook from The hardcopy book can be purchased from all good bookstores.

One Law for All?

A major policy speech made while ACT Party Leader, focusing on the need to ensure all are equal before the law

Building a More Prosperous New Zealand

Workplace Savings Industry Conference.

A major policy speech made while ACT Party Leader, outlining the economic policies needed to grow New Zealand's economy and living standards.

Return to Orewa

An address to the Orewa branch of the New Zealand National Party

Challenges for New Zealand's Future Pension System

Can the New Zealand Superannuation scheme survive the ageing of New Zealand's population, and if not, what should be done about it? A speech given to the Asset Allocation Summit at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland

Why bother with public life?

Speech given at the opening dinner of Consilium, hosted by the Centre for Independent Studies, in Coolum, Queensland

Valedictory Speech

Orewa 2004 - Nationhood

The speech which, for a time, changed “Orewa” from a place to a date, outlining the dangerous drift to racial separatism in New Zealand and the development of the Treaty grievance industry

Why are Schools Failing so many of our Kids?

An address to the Visionschools annual conference

Inflation targeting 14 years on

A summary of New Zealand’s experience of inflation targeting in a speech to the American Economics Association in Atlanta

Faster growth? If we want it

A speech to the Knowledge Wave conference in Auckland

Comments on accepting the NZIER/Qantas Economics Award

Discusses the success or otherwise of the post-1984 economic reforms and criticizes professional economists for failing to explain those reforms to the public

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